Signs and Symptoms

The various signs and symptoms found in patients with Gaucher disease type 1 reflect the primary sites of substrate storage, which are in cells of monocyte/macrophage lineage.

Multi-systemic storage sites for Gaucher cells in Gaucher disease1


Children or adolescents with Gaucher disease type 1 often have marked splenomegaly, easy bruising, slower than normal growth, hypermenorrhagia, and pubertal development

  • Splenomegaly is the most common presenting sign in children1
  • Majority of children have growth delay (below 25% for height) at diagnosis2


Adult patients with Gaucher disease type 1 can present with any of these symptoms. Some may be severe and others completely absent.

  • Most adults have splenomegaly, anemia, and thrombocytopenia3
  • Majority of adults experience bone pain3
  • General symptoms include fatigue, easy bruising, menorrhagia, decreased appetite, and abdominal pain3

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